Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation

By digitizing your internal processes, you equip both your staff with up-to-date and competent tools that will empower your organisation. Businesses benefit from successful digital transformation, including the ability to adeptly respond to customer demands now and in the future. Moreover, digital transformation builds the infrastructure and skills needed to take advantage of rapidly evolving technologies that could confer a competitive advantage.

At Afrolynx, we focus on four domains of digital transformation:



Today's market has high expectations and, if you can't meet them, your customers will churn to the next company that can. The majority of customers admit they are more likely to buy from a company that recognizes them by name, knows their purchase history, and recommends products based on previous purchases.
Personalized journeys are popular with customers, and the digital transformation has made them easier to achieve. Companies now interact with customers through many channels, from mobile to social, and should make sure their customer is personally recognized at all times.


A positive employee experience cannot simply be achieved with a monthly paycheck. Workers derive enjoyment from many different and intangible areas of the business, and one of the organizational challenges is recognizing what these are. Simply put, the employee experience is the overall emotional encounter of the employee through every aspect of their journey in an organization.

The main drivers for employee experience include:

  • Having access to the right tools and tech to fulfill their jobs
  • Being given the opportunities for career development and training
  • Getting involved in corporate social responsibility initiatives
  • The ability to enjoy a fair degree of flexibility in their work
  • A workspace that is designed for maximum employee experience


Every interaction in the digital world generates data, making it an essential element to digital transformation. This data enables you to create baselines and benchmarks to track progress on your transformation journey. Taking the first steps toward transformation may be daunting, but it is essential to:

  • Describe your current data transformation journey.
  • Create a holistic data strategy for your organization so that everyone can see the "North Star".
  • Clearly identify what key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential for success.
  • Focus on a few use cases that help validate your strategy and move the needle for your organization for broader adoption.
  • Focus on consistent communication and a strong feedback loop from all relevant stakeholders.


In the age of digital transformation, businesses can take a different approach to innovation, namely modernization through continuous learning and rapid experimentation. Using digital technologies has made it easier to test ideas and get market feedback from the very beginning of the creative process - In digital transformation, we talk about a minimum viable product. During this phase, assumptions are tested continually, and decisions regarding which products to launch are based on feedback from actual customers and not what the manager believes should happen.


Transforming your business model and creating value is central to digital transformation. In recent years, value is increasingly created outside of companies rather than inside of them, and by external partners rather than internal personnel. As a result, the authors call this new production model an "inverted firm," a shift in organizational structure that affects not only the technology, but also the management structure that underpins it. Executives must understand and undertake partner relationship management, partner data management, partner product management, platform governance, and platform strategy. They must learn how to motivate people they don’t know to share ideas they don’t have

Companies can rethink and add to their current model of success to generate significant new growth opportunities. It would be beneficial to a number of companies to implement this strategy, and our consultants at Afrolynx IT can assist you in this task.

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